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Koodlur-Kushalnagar, Coorg
Tariff : Mid Range
In general, Mid range hotels have well appointed rooms, attached toilets,room service and usually a restaurant.

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by kau9mar, November 20, 2007
this is not halli mane, but hell mane.
It does not even deliver 0.01% of what it promises on the websites. it was hell staying there though i stayed for 6 hours. the so called eco cottages are worst that slum dwellings. i initially booked for two days seeing the websites and paying 2k in advance , but when i decided to leave within hrs of staying there, the manager arranged goons to barricade the exit and demanded we pay for the 2 days that we initially booked and then leave the place. food is dangerous, do not atempt unless you are trying to take highway to hell, power is out, no water, noisy guests and moth and insect ridden place. if you are holidaying with your spouse, holidaying in halli mane is a sure shot reason for divorce.

Travelpaisa have not authenticated that Kaushik did visit Hallimane