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Nr. Bombay Point, Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra
Tariff : Budget
In general, Budget hotels provide no frills accommodation. Rooms have fan, attached bath and toilet. Do not expect very high service standards.

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Hotel Information

  • Location : mahabaleshwar is a popular Weekend getaway from Mumbai famaous for its strawberries and weather. MTDC Mahabaleshwar is close to sunset point. It has the advantage of being in a strategic location - close enough to the market and yet away from the crowds. The complex is huge and set in green and natural surroundings.
  • Accommodation :Spacious rooms that need urgent renovation. Of the various options, cottages are the best. Most rooms have old furniture that can be condemned as scrap.
  • Restaurant : MTDC run restaurant. Plenty of other options at Mahabaleshwar
  • Booking Online at MTDC website
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Reviews (5) - MTDC Mahabaleshwar Resort
An unforgettable experience. Neat & clean Resort with high quality service. Just a suggestion that you should lower the rates of foodstuffs at the Resort because the rates at the Resort are similar to that of private hotels/restaurants with quality food. Then what's the difference between you & them. I think the MTDC Resort is basically meant for attracting more * more tourists.. to introduce them with the flora and fauna, culture of this great place. The lower rates would be affordable to the common man (aam aadmi).
by prabhu, August 3, 2007
I went recently in peak monsoon. Great experience with mist cover. I have no complaints against MTDC hotel. I was pretty happy. From Mahabaleshwar, I went to Goa and the trip was fabulous. I must confess, this was one of the best breaks I had in a ling time. I could afford a long break because of the holiday I got between two jobs. One more incentive to job hop!
by manjrekar, July 21, 2007
For its cost, you cannot get a better hotel. I frequent Mahabaleshwar quite often and have stayed in various hotels & resorts. MTDC Mahabaleshwar is as good as any much higher priced ones. The only issue is the quality of food. I presume MTDC hire contractors to undertake catering arrangements and they goof up in most MTDC resorts. Smart thing to do is to try other hotels. Hotel Rajesh serves excellent Guju food at Mahabaleshwar
For some, Government resort = Bad experience irrespective of the actual quality of service. This MTDC resort is excellent and most recommended. It has the best location, prompt service and importantly there is no cheating as one will see in other so called "good resorts" of Mahabaleshwar. Take my word - Stay at MTDC and you will have a great experience
by sitcom, July 2, 2007
MTDC Mahabaleshwar has the best views and undoubtedly good value for money. I read in Times that MTDC accepts Online booking and to my dismay, the MTDC site stopped accepting Online reservation. I sniff some corruption there!!

I checked finding room availability and it showed there were vacant rooms. In heavy rain, I drove down via Pune and reached mahabaleshwar. It is not excellent Monsoon getaway as mist covered the whole place and no strawberries

MTDC Mahabaleshwar staff have no incentive to sell the rooms. The staff told me that rooms were full. I begged pleaded and told them that their online site showed rooms available. After 20 minutes of pleading, he opened a thick register booked me a room and then I realized that there was less than 50% occupancy!!

When I went out, I saw a good looking hotel and they were willing to offer huge discount and negotiated room rent was less than that at MTDC Mahabaleshwar - but I had booked at MTDC, so I stayed back

Lesson : In off season, tourists are kings - choose the best hotel and bring the tariff to Rs. 300!!