Saputara, a popular hill resort is located in Gujarat bordering Maharashtra. Saputara boasts of excellent scenery and pleasant climate. It is popular during monsoons as there is a green cover and numerous mountain streams. Saputara literally means ‘the abode of serpents’ and is so called because reptiles are abundant in nearby forests and also because there is a popular serpent temple at Saputara.


Saputara Sights : Places to see in Saputara (Saputara Attractions)

Reaching Saputara

Mumbai to Saputara Road map

There are two Mumbai Saputara routes:

1. Mumbai to Saputara Via Nasik

Mumbai > Kasara Ghat > Igatpuri > Ghoti > Nashik > Saputara

Mumbai to Saputara Distance : 266 Kms (Via Nasik)

2. Mumbai to Saputara Via Vapi

Mumbai > Vapi > Dharampur > Vansada > Waghai > Saputra

Mumbai to Saputara Distance : 328 Kms (Via Vapi). Vapi route has the advantage of good roads.

Saputara Lake

The Saputara Lake is the key attraction. There are boating facilities offered by a boat Club. Facilities exist for hiring sailboats, paddleboats and rowing boats. Lake is surrounded by well maintained garden where one can laze around.

Nageshwar Mahadev temple

This is a popular temple of Shiva. It is said that it was originally a snake temple. You will find this temple on the southern bank of the Saputara Lake.

Sunrise Point and Sunset Points:

These are ideal point to view the sunrise and sunsets. These viewpoints also provide panoramic view of the mountains. The points do get crowded during sunset and sun rise.

Cable Car

Vaity Resort manages a ropeway cable car that takes one up to the sunset point. The fifteen minute ride is recommended for an excellent view of the hills, valleys and the rivers.

Saputara Tribal Museum

The museum is good in introducing one to the lifestyle, costumes, heritage and ecology of the tribal Dangs who are the original inhabitants of Saputara and surrounding regions.

Gira Waterfalls

If you visit Saputara during monsoons, do not miss the waterfalls located about 3 km from Waghai town.

Pandava Gufa

It is believed that Pandavas used these caves during their vana vasa to offer prayers to Lord Shiva.

Vansda National Park

This park is famous for the tall bamboo trees and some of these bamboo shrubs m can get really tall - all of 120 feet. Bhardari Grass lands, which are are part of the park, houses a wide range of flora and fauna including pythons and 30 other species of snake. It is also home for the giant wood spider the sight of which can send shivers.

Purna Sanctuary:

It is popular amongst trekkers for the numerous bamboo lined trails. To undertake a trek, permission from Forest department is mandatory.

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